~Deep Feminine Homecoming~

Hot Springs Women's Retreat

October 2021


An offering of Her Mystery School with Jasmine Patten 

ARTIST:  Christian Schloe


This retreat is very much a full immersion into presence and healing, an opportunity to steep and saturate in the embodied, ecstatic deep feminine practices that call the Soul home, and welcome any buried or dimmed feminine essence back to the surface of life.


 This will be a deeply restorative, profoundly liberating retreat for women, offering gently ritualized time together in nature, in circle and in the incredibly silky, healing waters of Sierra Hot Springs.   It's all about nourishment and coming home to yourself, supported by the teachings and a priestess of Her Mystery School.

We will balance time together with private, spacious, integrative time to simply rest into yourself, reflect, schedule one-on-one sessions/massage, and nourish your roots.  


Our work together will be grounded in principles and practices of the deep feminine wisdom Tradition that has nourished and sanctified Womanhood throughout all time.

It will be a time to return to sacred sisterhood, and to draw on the power of togetherness for the holy and necessary work of 

Deep Feminine Nourishment and Recovery of Essence Dimmed or Lost     


This will be a spaciously facilitated, gently ritualized journey that for the most part will unfold in the nourishing lap of silence, simplicity, direct experience, and sharing from the heart.  We will also spend some time in inquiry, attuning to the wise voice within, for both connection to self and guidance in life.  We will call forth and unapologetically make a home for the grandeur, love and glory that is moving toward each one of us.


Women of all ages, spiritual inclinations, and walks of life are welcome.   If you feel called, come!  This immersion into the embodied deep feminine is potent, reverent, inclusive, AND relaxed, fun, earthy, comforting.

Here's a taste of what we'll do during our time together:

*Nature walks where you create a healing mantra

*Evening of radiance and connection with your starlight

*Guided meditations and journaling inquiries to deepen self-knowing

*Movement and embodiment practices that honor your body temple

This is a very special opportunity to take pause, be held and nourished by beauty, get perspective, and gather wisdom with which to thrive back at home.  

Jasmine Patten has been circling with women in some form or another for over 30 years.  She is passionate about gathering women together to connect, commune, and remember the beautiful essence that we are.  She loves cultivating the potent medicine created when women spend time together in sacred containers.

Jasmine is a Priestess of Her Mystery School and a transformational coach, supporting women to connect more deeply to their essence, have healthy boundaries, and live lives that are rich, nourishing and guided by intuition.

Learn more at www.jasminepatten.com

WHEN:  October 2021

WHERE:  Sierra Hot Springs, Sierraville, CA

LIMITED TO: 13 women


ACCOMMODATIONS:  Indoor "camping" in the group room is included.  There are five private rooms reserved in the Lodge, but these are not included in retreat cost.  Please contact us at support@hermysteryschool.com for additional info and support reserving a private or shared lodge room.

HEALING POOLS:  Sierra Hot Springs has some of the most healing, silky, amazing waters I've ever experienced.  Retreat cost includes use of all the pools - hot pool, cold plunges, large warm pool - and sauna.  



FOOD:  Participants bring their own food.  There is a large indoor community kitchen available, with refrigeration, stoves, and ovens.  The restaurant downstairs will be open for lunch and dinner as well. 


COST:  Sliding Scale donation $325 - 425.  A nonrefundable deposit of $150 is required to hold your space, with full payment due by September 15, 2020.


TO REGISTER:  Click the button below to send your deposit. Please put a note that it's for "OCTOBER RETREAT"






 If you have questions or need help, email

Jasmine here:  support@hermysteryschool.com

Testimonials from previous retreats......

The hot springs retreat was a deeply nourishing experience for me. Jasmine and the Sierraville Hot Springs location held a sweet container that allowed me to fully embody the healing transformation that was wanting to move through me at the time. I felt like a snake shedding a layer, releasing repression, and emerging more free, sensual, and whole. 

    - Kari K.

The hot springs retreat with Jasmine is so special. The land is sublimely nourishing innately, but seems to be even more penetrating in the context of gathering with warm hearted women, held in such a beautiful circle by Jasmine. This is my second time attending and I plan on making it an annual tradition for myself. 


I had a wonderful experience at my first retreat at Sierra Hot Springs. I connected with other like minded woman, Mother Earth and myself. It took me inside of myself and I will remember that feeling as a woman for the rest of my life. 

    -Carmen M.



My experience of the retreat was that it was a time of lightheartedness, and deep-heartedness. Laughter, easy connection, and the deep real bonds of sisterhood. Short and sweet but so potent. 

    -Alex P.



Being able to experience the beauty of the hot springs, with the women who gather  under the calling of Her Mystery School, is beautiful, magical, and loving. Jasmine holds such sacred and safe space for each woman to explore, unfold, and rest into her trueness in the gentlest of ways. I will definitely be back for future retreats! 

    -Francesca S.