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 Includes Five Exclusive Teaching Videos, a Three Class Series, and a Bundle of Classes for a Limited Time Discounted Price!

You can purchase each class individually, or purchase the bundle that includes all three.


Finding a Love that Truly Meets You

Soul Mate love… that grand love that will fulfill all of our romantic fantasies, meet our deepest emotional needs, and change our lives for the better forevermore. This love that we have claimed so many times in our lives, fitting one man after another into that mold we’ve created for “The One”… and ultimately finding ourselves disappointed again and again.


Soulmates do exist, but in such a different way than the romantic fantasy version that has been sold to us. Soulmates come in many different forms and different types of relationships. Often, our most painful relationships are ones that we have with soulmates… mates who’ve come to help our souls to grow.


What we really mean when we say Soul Mate Love is a deep, abiding intimate love that meets us deeply. And that kind of love exists, too. Those kinds of relationships exist, too. What’s problematic for many of us is that we don’t have the kinds of skills and internal maturity to attract and create those relationships, largely because what we’ve been taught about love relationships with men is wrong. You can’t build lasting love on false premises.


This bundle of classes is a romantic re-education on how to choose the right kind of men to partner with and how to understand them as different than you are, thus having the right skill set to be able to create lasting love.


  • 40 minute recorded webinar on the Myths and Realities of the Soul Mate

  • 30 minute recorded webinar on Choosing Character over Chemistry

  • 40 minute recorded webinar on "Convincing" versus Seduction

  • 50 minute recorded webinar on Fantasy versus Potential

  • 50 minute recorded webinar on Understanding Men


That's four hours of deep feminine wisdom teachings on having better relationships with men, and finally having the love that you want!


Magnetizing the Love Your Heart Desires

There are so many kinds of ways in which we as women chase men… the ones we’re in relationships with, the ones we wish were in relationship with, and even the mythic “One.”  This is the reverse dynamic of what’s needed for you to have the man in your life be adoring of you.  But unless you’ve been taught how to sit back and relax into your feminine power and enjoy him pursuing you, then you are very likely chasing him in all kinds of ways both overt and subtle.  And that sets up a dynamic in which you are adoring him rather than him adoring you, resulting in him being complacent and you being frustrated.


This class is based on the premise that what you really want from a man is for him to honor and adore and cherish you, and that for you to have that you are going to need to make an internal shift towards receiving a man in a way that empowers him to give you those things.


In a very real way, this is about turning what you are wanting into what you are getting.


This process is about reversing the polarity so that you put yourself into the feminine polarity rather than keeping yourself in the masculine polarity.  When you sit in the deep residence of your authentic feminine, your nature requires his masculinity… so that the result is he is actively adoring you, instead of you actively adoring him.  And then you are no longer entangled in power dynamics.


Stop Chasing Men, Start Receiving Them is a three class series that will move you into a depth of understanding of the most effective ways to understand and relate with men, so that you can start truly enjoying them.


CLASS ONE ~ Turn Your Yearning into Magnetism

In this class we’ll be discussing what you’re wanting from him – a past, current, or future guy – and why it is that you’re not getting that (hint: it’s because you’re trying to get it).  We’ll discuss practices you can use to shift all of that yearning into an internal state of magnetism.  These practices will unblock places in you, so that what you want from him can naturally flow from him to you.


CLASS TWO ~ Embrace the Magic of Neuroscience

This class is all about how he is different than you are at a very fundamental level… the brain.  When you learn the way a man’s brain works, you place yourself in the category of being a rare gem among women…one who truly understands men.  Men are hungry for a woman like that.  The processes that go on in his mind around sex and love and relating are very different than what most women think they are.  This information is dating and relationship gold.  


CLASS THREE ~ Drop Your Hanky Like a Lady

In this last class of the series, we’ll be talking about flirting and the art of seduction.  In many ways, these things became lost arts during the feminist revolution of the past fifty years…for all of the reasons that was necessary in those times.  But for you to have the kind of cherishing that you want, you need these arts to be reclaimed as part of your femininity.  Flirting and seduction are what create desire and anticipation, and desire and anticipation are what create amazing sex.  A man wants that with a woman.  You want that, too, right?


  • 80 minute recorded webinar on how to turn your yearning into an internal state of magnetism so that his attention naturally flows to you

  • 80 minute recorded webinar on understanding how his brain and neurology are different than yours, and why this matters in dating, love and sex

  • 70 minute recorded webinar on flirting and the feminine arts of seduction

That's four hours of deep feminine wisdom teachings on how to shift yourself from the masculine polarity of "chasing" to the feminine polarity of "receiving," and becoming the woman who magnetizes all that she yearns for!

Know Your Sexuality as a Source of Power and Pleasure


The content curated for this bundle is content that addresses the need to, and the ways to, cultivate and maintain personal pleasure in sexuality and intimate relationships.  Personal pleasure meaning simply, the experience of your own intact rightness of being in a female body and being fully expressed in the complex, emotionally charged and energetically nuanced terrain of sexual intimacies. 

Included in this bundle are the seven foundational and advanced practices that will support you in cultivating and maintaining your connection with your own personal sexual current, the essence of who you are. These are in video format, guided by Deonesea La Fey, and meant to escort you into a deeper, more embodied experience of what is most truly you. You can listen to these as often as you wish - they are practices that offer potent practice in the moment, and also that deepen over time.


  • 60 minutes of videos giving detailed instructions for sexual cultivation practices (these are internal practices given fully clothed)

  • BONUS: 40 minutes of video practices for clearing past lovers, and knowing your inner masculine and your inner guardian

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Soulmate Love Bundle

Soul Mate Love ~ Finding a Love that Truly Meets You

Stop Chasing Men, Start Receiving Them

Sovereign Sexuality ~ Know Your Sexuality as a Source of Power and Pleasure


Soul Mate Love

Finding a Love that Truly Meets You


Stop Chasing Men,
Start Receiving Them

Magnetizing the Love Your Heart Desires


Sovereign Sexuality

Know Your Sexuality as a Source of Power and Pleasure


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