With Jasmine Patten

HOMECOMING - Creating Your North Star Statement

(The volume on this video is a bit low, so put on headphones or use an external speaker to make it louder.  I'll make sure it's louder next time!)

Questions to journal and daydream about

1) What do you want to do/be/have at the end of our 9 month journey?

2) How do you most want to feel at the end of our 9 month journey?

​3)  What really lights you up in life?

​4)  If you didn't have to please anyone else, what would you really love to be/do/have?

​5)  What gives you a feeling of relaxation and ease?

Remember to make sure that your North Star Statement lights you up and gives you a feeling of "ahhhh".

COMMUNION - Connect to the Spirit of Your Work

Please journal on these questions before doing the guided meditation:

1) Why am I doing this work?

2) How does my work connect to things I loved as a child?

3) If I could make one change in the world, what would it be?

4) In my work, I’m at my BEST when I…………………….

5) What do I feel called to bring to the world?