Stop Chasing Men, Start Receiving Them

with Deonesea La Fey

Dear Woman,


Thanks so much for your purchase of the Stop Chasing Men, Start Receiving Them class series. I hope you find tremendous value in these teachings, and that they support you in finding and creating the relationship you are looking for. 

As I mention throughout the series, if you find there are things coming up for you through these classes that you'd like to have more one on one attention with, I encourage you to reach out to me about coaching sessions. I offer a free 20 minute Discovery Session in which we can explore whether coaching with me would be a good fit for you. To schedule your free session with me, simply click on the Discovery Session button at the bottom of this page.

May these classes bring you a sense of inspiration and empowerment for having the romantic relationship you desire and deserve!


In love and pleasure,



Class 1 ~ Turn Your Yearning into Magnetism

Class 2 ~ Embrace the Magic of Neuroscience

Class 3 ~ Drop Your Hanky Like a Lady

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