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Intention Setting Practice for the Year

A guided practice to set your compass and anchor your intention for the knowns and unknowns of the nine months ahead.

Schedule a Session

Any times you need more focused, personalized support.  

Schedule a session with one of the mentors to receive wise, compassionate counsel and support in accordance with the principles of HER Mystery School.

Contact List

A private contact list to connect with other women in the school.

Student Calendar

A schedule of dates: calls, webinars, when transmissions will arrive in your inbox, holidays, etc.

Link to Mentorship Support

If you are enrolled in a mentorship or need to contact a mentor about registering for a mentorship, they are always here for you.  

Reading List

For further exploration, both fiction and non-fiction. 

Practice Guide

A listing of common, particular issues, with the corresponding  practice that would be most supportive.  

HMS Forum

A private group for women in the school to gather and connect! We welcome you to share your thoughts, experiences, poems, feelings... whatever may come up for you as you journey through the school, to be witnessed by your fellow sisters.

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