The Swan Sisters Journey Begins

As we begin this journey, please gift yourself the time to first set your intention, then to join consciously with the circle of women who will travel with you, and who will be lending you their strength and sincerity, just as you nourish them with your own.  

It will be a good idea to have a pen and journal nearby, to make note especially of your intention as you clarify it.  It will serve as a reflection and anchor point for you over the weeks of the transformative experience we will share.  

The intention setting practice will take you into a deeper Knowing as you begin, so that this journey can be as rich, and as true for you, as it is meant to be.

"Joining the Circle" is a guided journey that will bring us all together in spirit, in a shared, safe, reverent and truly connected sisterhood that crosses time and space and remains forever unbroken by circumstance, conditioning, pain, or perceived separation.  This journey will weave you into the circle in a way that opens the door to greater authenticity, honesty, vulnerability, and witnessed power.  

It is our joy and honor to share our stories with you, as we know - what is done for one, is done for All.


The heart of Womanhood is a living thing that pulses, unified and beautiful, reviving the true sisterhood that we so deeply need as healing medicine for these times, our hearts, our bodies, and our communities.

Blessed Be.


Power, Depth, Seeding Transmutation

Photography:  Sequoia Miller


Safety, Support, Sacred Trust 

Photography:  Sequoia Miller