Taking Control of Your Dreams

Finding Clarity, Potency and Self-Authority

with Jamila Suzanne

Saturday, March 30th 9:30-10:30am PST

For women who cannot make the call time, the class will be recorded and the replay will be sent to everyone who's registered 

So often we are inundated by both external information and internal dissonance that we race, pace or zombie around in our own stuck feedback loops and habit patterns.  


This, in short, is a form of self-betrayal.  


For whatever reason, if you find yourself blocking out both the inner and outer worlds due to fear, sensitivity or overwhelm, I have an invitation for you...  


Take a breath.  Are you listening?  


From time immemorial sleeping dreams and waking synchronicities have led people through life like secret treasure maps that reveal gateways and cautionary signposts signaling which way to turn and when.  

Everyone’s map is completely unique and individualized just like your fingerprints.  


This class will provide you with the tools to clear the fog that surrounds you and re-connect you with what your deeper self and inner wisdom are trying to tell you.  Together, we will cross the bridge from self-betrayal to heightened self-awareness.  


You'll be learning the 7-Step “Lightning Process” ... a method that cuts through all the noise and fuzzy unknown and straight to the core of any sleeping dreams and waking synchronicities.  Come back to center, to equilibrium, to being truly alive and attentive with zest and passion by truly listening to what life itself has to offer you.

To register, simply click on the button below, pay any amount between $10-$25 that feels good to you, include a note that the payment is for Dreaming, and you will receive an email with the link to the class within 24 hours of your registration.