Registrations for the nine month program are closed until September 25th, 2022. We welcome you to join us for the Depth Practicums and/or the Seasonal Wheel Ritual Immersions in the meantime, and you can subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch about other offerings and opportunities throughout the year here.


True Nature is postponed until Fall of 2022.  Contact to explore other options for deepening.



Nine months of transmissions, practices, video teachings and twice monthly group mentorship with Jumana, all devoted to making peace with your true nature as a woman incarnate, learning how to care for what you are, living simply and fully as you were created to be, and more clearly articulating your truth, the specificity of your soul path.

A journey of depth training and practice in devotional ritual arts as both personal and inter-personal ceremonial acts of power, culminating in self-ordination.* 

Limited to 19 women.

PRE-REQUISITE:  Completion of Core Curriculum and Queen's Command 

*Self-ordination: taking up the mantle of your true nature and stepping fully into your Calling, in the way that it will have made itself known to you. 

This is a year that will be coming into being as we walk it together.  My summer sabbatical will be devoted to True Nature and what she needs to be.  I know some things now, which I'll list below, but nuances to the structure and content will be much more clear when we begin in September.  

  • Monthly audio and video transmissions from Jumana

  • Monthly focused mastery practices

  • Twice monthly 90 minute video group calls with Jumana:  One to introduce the ritual art and the aspect of True Nature that it will refine, the second to integrate, witness, and anchor personal ritual experience and insights received

  • Each month devoted to the practice and internal alignment of a particular ritual art:  monthly guided and then witnessed personal ritual 

  • Monthly written reflection practices 

  • Optional dyad pairings

  • Private Facebook group

  • Access to Core Curriculum weekly calls and content


Unsurprisingly, all my notes and the structures that I've been seeing thus far have disappeared.  It seems She's going to have me empty out before I begin this.  So I can't give you much as far as where we're going exactly but I can tell you some of the ritual arts/sensibilities we'll be working with.  As you are each working with these arts in personal ceremony, the core intention of all the personal rituals will be making peace with, clarifying, understanding, and caring for your True Nature.  

Altars, Holding Gates, The Word, Baptism, Washing, Casting Circle, Anointing, Blessing, Shrouding, Pilgrimage, Thresholds, Offering, Invocation, and others.

We'll be working with these arts from the approach we've been rooted in all this time, with the intention to engage with devotional ritual and acts of sacred power as further embodiment of all that we've been cultivating in the school thus far.  Direct revelation, authenticity, simplicity, congruency between what you are as the instrument and what you're doing as the art, etc.  Much of our focus will be on personal ritual, but we will also be working with what it is to hold the pillar or anchor for a group or another person.  Because even if you're not called to hold more of a group field as part of your true nature, we will all certainly find ourselves in situations that require sacred tending.

If you have more specific questions, please send them on to