Her Mystery School is an international sisterhood of support; a place to anchor language and validation for your deep feminine revelation path.


ESSENTIAL:  Once you've completed the first year, you can stay connected to the teachings and the community for as many years as you wish, by simply registering for the Essential Spiral.  Donations from essential spirals are earmarked as scholarship funds for women in financial hardship.  


MENTORSHIP:  As with first and second year, in ongoing years you can choose a mentorship that is already established or design one specifically for your needs with a mentor that you are drawn to work with.

To see all of the mentorship options, CLICK HERE.  

DEEPENING:  In third year and onward, the format changes slightly.  In addition to the nine month mentorship, third year students will be able to enroll in various experiences that will serve as opportunities to deepen in many ways.  On the horizon for the 2018-2019 cycle:

Facilitator's Training Circles

Fall Weekend Retreat at Sierra Hot Springs

Oracular Dreaming Weekend Immersion

Wilderness Immersions 

Serpent Dancing and Paradise Weekend Immersion

Deep DivesThroughout the year, we will be offering deep dives, or focus groups, that gather with a mentor to be guided into a more focused exploration of particular topics introduced in the core curriculum.  These will be offered on a sliding scale, and opportunities will be announced throughout the journey.


Information, invitations, and the opportunity to register for these offerings will be made available throughout the nine months.  

7 DAY CULMINATING RETREAT:  Third year and beyond are welcomed (encouraged!) to attend the retreat either for the first time or, if this will not be the first time to the retreat, to return and to step into more leadership and ceremonial support roles.

PRIESTESS ORDINATION:  If you are drawn to the priestess path, and would like to ordain through Her Mystery School via mentorship with Jumana Sophia, staying involved is recommended.  It will keep your finger on the pulse while she prepares the curriculum and opens enrollment for ordination, which will most likely be in Fall 2019.  




Go deeper and stay connected through the transmissions weekly for 9 months, with access to calls and dyad pairings.

DONATION:  Sliding Scale $25-150/month

****When you join for the essential spiral, your donation goes directly to a scholarship fund for women in financial need. It is essentially like tithing to your church.  If you donate more than $250 in a fiscal year, it is a tax write off (in the US at least).   


The Essential spiral WITH:

A monthly one-on-one mentorship with a priestess of Her Mystery School, in the form of one monthly additional teaching, applied monthly practices and one 75 minute personal session each month.

Mentorships are meant to support you in specific ways, and to give you a place of personalized additional support as you apply and integrate the teachings of Her Mystery School into your own life, your own challenges, and desires for growth.  


Currently, mentorships are offered with the following focuses:

Aphrodite's Ecstasy

Recover and luxuriate in the magnetism, pleasure, and radiance of your sensuality.

(with Deonesea LaFey)

Alchemy of Intimacy

Cultivate empowerment from past and present entrapment/dysfunction patterns in intimate relationships.  

(with Deonesea La Fey)

Oracular Dreaming

Explore and refine dreaming in both the sleeping and waking worlds.

(with Jamila Suzanne)

Medicine Woman

Woven through time, the Medicine Woman archetype speaks many languages, inhabits each and every culture uniquely and comes in many shapes, sizes & forms.

Who is SHE in you?

(with Jamila Suzanne)

Devotional Self-Care

Transform lifetime patterns of overwhelm, exhaustion, anxiety, and self-neglect into nourishing rhythms that foster radically empowered deep feminine ease and radiance.

(with Jasmin Patten)

Spirited Business

How do you navigate the world of business as a woman on a deep feminine spiritual path?  

Shift overwhelm, lack of focus, and isolation to peace, focus, and support.

(with Jasmin Patten)

Quantum Queen

Know your worth as your truth. Free yourself from the illusions of aging to claim the resplendent power of the self-crowned Queen.

(with Cynthia LoRe)

Death Walker

The face of death is Love. Walk the beauty way through the little deaths, and final deaths, the transitions of life.  

(with Cynthia LoRe)

For MORE info on all mentorships, CLICK HERE.

DONATION:  Sliding Scale $125-250/month