A Taste of the Journey......

The curriculum of Her Mystery School covers a vast terrain, with a new teaching and accompanying practice every week, extending throughout 9 months of 9 aspects of the deep feminine.  This particular taste of the journey focuses on the recovery of wild, untamed Beauty.  It is the last of four transmissions that comprise the third month of the school, when we

 invoke and cultivate Woman as Paradise, raising up the miracle it is to be created Woman, oasis, garden of delight.  


The invitation again and again is to re-focus on your own garden, to fill your cup when she's empty, to draw back from distraction and story to again and again ask the question:


Am I tending to the miracle that lives inside of me?


Week Four:  BEAUTY

 Wild, Elegant, Unapologetic, Untamed

Artist:  Dante Gabriel Rossetti