Reclaiming Feminine Power After Sexual Violation

Free Support Webinar with Jumana Sophia, Jasmine Patten, and Deonesea La Fey

(Replay Video Below)

We invite you to join us for support, validation, non-oppositional solidarity, safety of expression, and wisdom gathered through personal experience of

(and long term recovery from) sexual violation.   

This will be time spent in loving, honest, hopeful, and powerful sharing together.  We will spend the first half of our time offering the most potent and relevant medicines we have gathered in the realm of recovery from sexual violation,  and then we will open for sharing, questions and discussion.

Sexual violation is a betrayal of the sacred, and has impact that touches on all aspects of a woman.  Our time together will join the reality of this devastating truth with the companion truth that there are arts and deep feminine healing practices that do actually restore, regenerate, and repair female sexuality and wholeness.  It's a journey no woman would choose, but it is NOT a journey that needs to be taken alone, or that we cannot rise above.  

There is an incorruptible core of Woman in you that can never be broken or defiled  regardless of circumstance, regardless of humanity's millennias-old confusion and distortion.

Let's hold each other in the grief it can be to recognize how deep the pain can run    AND in the remembrance that we can and will rise above, we can and will recover what may seen lost, or taken away.


This time, we're going to ride this tide through to true victory.

All our love,

Jumana Sophia, Her Mystery School founder

Jasmine Patten, Her Mystery School self-care and business mentor

Deonesea La Fey, Her Mystery School sexuality and intimacy mentor




The practice below is a guided practice into a restored and authentic residency in your pelvic bowl/womb area.  This is a place of power and pleasure that is often abandoned as a result of sexual violation.  I chose this practice specifically because it is gentle, healing, and integrating.  It will also guide you underneath of all the story and preconceptions you may have about your sexual center into a real contact with your sacred bowl.  You may find yourself very surprised by how intact she actually is and remains, regardless of circumstance.  The practice concludes with an opportunity to access wisdom and guidance from your sacred bowl, if you choose to take it there.

With love,



Artist:  Helena Nelson-Reed