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A Depth Restoration In the Heart of Winter  

with Jumana Sophia

Sunday, December 17th, 2023 (Winter Solstice)



Sweet peace and holy sanctuary in the heart of Winter.

This two and a half hour retreat with Jumana will be a depth immersion into the peace and eternal renewal

that warms the heart of Winter.  As the seasonal wheel turns to Winter Solstice, we will draw close to the healing shelter of holy darkness in order to receive her gifts of regeneration, renewal, restoration, and peace.  We will surrender to the grace of release, to the welcome miracle of peace made possible in deep rest and true sanctuary.

I welcome you to bring the journey of this past year to rest with you by the hearthfire of shared devotion and soul restoration in deep feminine way. I invite you to take your ease, to rest in the sanctuary that is the gift of this time.


Befriend your weariness.  

Anchor your courage in the face of the unknown.

Draw the strength of the ages into your bones.

Replenish the river that runs under all other rivers in you.

Heal, mend, and cultivate grace with us.

Our retreat includes:

  • 60 minute opening webinar devoted to remembrance and invocation of holy darkness, the nectar of silence, slow time, and the deep feminine sensibilities that open the ancient healing mysteries of this season.

  • 60 minutes off screen for personal reflection, self-care, and integration.

  • 90 minute video temple time, time to be escorted into sanctuary through guided practice, quietude and gentle sharing.

  • Support for long term integration and sustained cultivation of personal peace.

We will turn together toward the deep feminine wisdom stream of HER Mystery School, and we will renew our trustworthy alliance with the wisdom that heals, the darkness that knows, the love that abides. 

DATE:  Sunday, December 17th

TIME:  Initial webinar 2 pm PST, 60 minute break 3-4 pm PDT, video meeting 4 - 5:30 pm PST

COST:  $77

Recording will be provided for those who can't join live.

*IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PAYMENT:  When you pay through the buttons below, you will receive confirmation to the email associated with your paypal account.  If you need us to use a different email address, please contact us at


A Depth Restoration In the Heart of Winter



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