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Winter Solstice Sanctuary Ritual

To Prepare:  


Find a space where you can be in silence, relative darkness, and uninterrupted peace for 20 minutes or more.


Build yourself a nest of sorts, where you can snuggle in and feel held.


Gather a candle and matches or lighter.


Bring anything else sensual to the space that you find comforting or sublime - fragrances, etc. Bring anything, too, that you just want to have in the space with you - altar item or crystal, etc. Keep it simple though - you'll mostly be in the dark. :)


Bring some kind of device that will let you play the audio I will link you to.


Once you have your space set, you can just settle in (don't light the candle yet!) and let yourself be led by the audio. It is a very simple guided experience and then a recitation of hymns and prayers to the Mother. Included are two audios - one will guide you through a whole mini personal ceremony that includes the recitations, then the other is simply the recitations. That way, if you want to create your own ceremony, or just want to listen to the prayers at any moment, you have them without the additional guided piece.

Blessed Be!

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