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90 Minute Recorded Online Workshop

with Deonesea La Fey and Jamila Suzanne

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The transitions and challenges that women face at midlife with hormonal and psychological changes, is a topic rarely addressed in culture except for the way Hollywood makes women out to be crazy. While much is said about the "midlife crisis" for men, it is rarely acknowledged that women also go through a big change at this time in life, perimenopause to menopause. The result is that women often feel alone as they go through what seems like the loss of their youth and their beauty... and in many, many cases, their value. Not only is there scanty information about this tremendous change available, but what little is out there is steeped in resignation and lacking in feminine wisdom teaching.

Such a huge part of what happens to Woman in her midlife is that she falls prey to the cultural adoration of the Maiden's form. As she watches her body change, largely outside of her control (thank you, hormones), while being immersed in a world culture that worships youth and beauty, Woman finds herself having no true and natural context for dealing with the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite and the disappearance of her former muscle tone. Add to that hot flashes, unpredictable bleeds and moodiness, and she experiences herself as the "hot mess" that culture would label her.

This program is the solution to that dilemma.

This is a recorded 90 minute call with Deonesea La Fey and Jamila Suzanne, HMS Mentors, as a precursor to their nine month exploration of Woman at Midlife alongside the HMS curriculum. The focus of this workshop is on addressing the midlife changes from a place of deep feminine wisdom teachings that address the hormonal, emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological aspects of this huge initiation of womanhood.

Meet the Mentors

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Deonesea La Fey

Deonesea will bring her expertise in the realm of sexuality and intimacy to her part of the program...The Restoration of Beauty. Beauty comes from the inside out...we all know this. But to live it authentically is a different thing. The call here is to make medicine out of our feelings about our changing acknowledge that we no longer are who we were, that we are in a body that has changed, and this new body is as loveable and beautiful as the one that was before. AND...Beauty…physical beauty…can be restored. Discover the secrets of loving your body again, and bring all the inner light and beauty that is the truth of who you are out to the surface to shine and radiate into our world that so desperately needs the beauty of the midlife woman.

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Jamila Suzanne

Jamila Suzanne brings an invitation to explore a deeper connection to the initiatory path you are in the midst of. How do you move through your days positively and say "yes!" when you feel maxed out, hypersensitive and wobbly? Feel and understand how your personal mythology is being bridged between the archetypes of mother (regardless of whether you birthed children or not) to crone. Release what is no longer yours to hold and make space for the unique wisdom that runs through you. Develop healthy and creative coping mechanisms that you can easily turn to when you feel "off." Move into and through this maturation process finding the support, grace and resiliency necessary to be the shining light that you inherently are.  

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Woman at Midlife

90 Minute Recorded Online Workshop

COST:  $55

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