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As you explore this short practice, please consider three aspects of having a deep feminine approach to any internal cultivation practice:


  1. You have to go into practice not knowing who you are going to be on the other side of it.

  2. You have to go into practice with a compass pointed toward your own direct connection with Spirit, and to the substance of that.

  3. You have to engage, to use the spark of your will force to ignite the practice, and then sit back, release all agenda and follow what is actually moving.

Blessed Be!

NOTE:  This practice is an excerpt from the second week of our second month of Communion.  In the school it would be companioned with both a depth teaching and a longer depth practice.


"Sacred Bowl" refers to the low belly area described by your hips, sacrum, pubic bone, and pelvic floor.  Think of it as the sacred vessel at the root of your body, that contains and gives rest to your deep feminine essence.  

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