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Every so often, we have women reach out to us about topics that HER Mystery School does not cover. Below is a list of teachers that we recommend reaching out to if you feel you need additional support in the areas they cover.


Isa Lara Marié: Shaman, Channel, Medium, Healer

Isa Offers: Intuitive & Flower/Gem Elixer Readings, Energy Medicine & Toltec Recapitulation, Shamanic Work, Channeling, Mediumship, Prayer Field Healing/Teaching Groups, Body-Centered Psychotherapy, and Home & Space Clearings


Isa Lara Marié works as a channel and healer in service to All That Is. Her training includes a 6 year apprenticeship with a mystic and shaman as well as Hakomi certification from founder Ron Kurtz, and many other body-centered psychotherapy modalities. Her work is a blend of the Toltec shamanic lineage, along with angelic/galactic guidance. Isa offers in-person, as well as remote healing sessions and teaches energy medicine/shamanic trainings and prayer field healing groups.

Isa serves as a bridge between the spirit realm and this realm. The essence frequency which moves through her is Grace. The soft, allowance of divine healing of non-doing or surrendering to what is and opening to the divine light. She is dedicated to helping others “re-member,” to weave back together disconnected parts into the wholeness of the Self and to bring back into the light that which has been separated. She is committed to illuminating and moving energy wherever there is challenge in order to re-establish equanimity and fulfill dreams. 

Kelly Tisdel, CLC: Mentor, Educator, Coach
Kelly Offers: Wholistic Mentoring and Inquiry-based Coaching for Teens, Parents, and Families

With over 20 years of experience working with teens in one-on-one mentoring and counseling sessions, in circles and backpacking trips, and in the Waldorf classroom as a class teacher, Kelly knows the importance of holding space and being with young people in an authentic way. She does this with heart, presence, and the capacity to truly listen. As youth feel truly seen, heard, and validated, they blossom. Guiding youth back home to themselves and the planet grounds and provides resources innate to them and essential. As she works with parents, the potential for harmonious relationships within the family grows which adds in monumental ways to the health and inner-fire of youth and the fabric of communities.

These times are intense landscapes to navigate for anyone, especially for youth, teens, young adults. Polarization, technology, social media overload, schedules that fill without even trying, menacing climate scenarios - the uncertainty and pulling in all directions - can lead to a sense of isolation, numbness, anxiety, depression, and a loss of motivation - a separation from Essential Self.  Helping individuals find answers to “Who am I in all this?’ ‘Who do I want to be in all this?’ and ‘How can I hold on to that self?’ is Kelly's work. 


Renee Jeffus: Sacred Grief Guide, Life Coach, and Mother

Renee Offers: Grief Support for Bereaved Mothers, Connection with Angel Children, Embodied Movement, Nature, and Animal Support, Rituals & Group Ceremony


Renee Jeffus is a Sacred Grief Guide, Transformational Life Coach, and a devoted mother who personally knows the excruciating pain and grief of losing a child. Three years ago her beloved 18 year old son Bodhi tragically died and her life as she knew it shattered.

Understanding grief in a more dynamic light is key. It's important to acknowledge its impacts on all aspects of our being - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Grief is a multi-dimensional and unavoidable life experience that requires a compassionate, patient and holistic approach. It is not a linear, tidy process to be rushed or judged. Instead, it is a messy, deeply personal journey that, when understood and accepted as natural and the human cost to a life of love, can lead to profound awakening and healing. Learn to navigate grief as a sacred path. Embrace loss as a profound catalyst for authentic living and spiritual growth. Learn the language of grief, honor it, and allow it to guide you toward deeper connection, self-awareness, spiritual understanding, and personal transformation.

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