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How much of a weekly time commitment is the School? What if I miss a week (or more)?

Allowing for about an hour and a half a week is a loose basic guideline, knowing that you can take it much deeper from there based on your personal commitments. You will have indefinite access to all the content, so it is fine to miss a week or even several. Audios and webinar recordings can be worked with at any time, so there is extreme flexibility in terms of making it work with your other responsibilities and time commitments.

Do I have to live in Oregon to attend?

No. The school is predominantly online, and so is accessible to any woman, anywhere, as long as you have access to wifi.

What is a Mystery School?


HER Mystery School differs from traditional classes and schools because you don't get "taught" a truth from outside of yourself. You will be supported and guided to forge a very personal, trustworthy connection to your own truth, as it changes and emerges over your lifetime.

What if I missed the enrollment deadline but really want to be involved in the school?

You can receive teachings, attend online classes, or join for retreats all throughout the year, and then enroll at the start of the next year. Just make sure to sign up for the newsletter! You can also work privately with any of the mentors, even if you are not yet enrolled.

Will I be interacting with other women in the school?

That is up to you. Some women need and desire a very personal and simple journey through the school, so interaction with other women is optional. We offer many ways to connect in with other women if that is what would nourish you.

Do I have to enroll for all four years?

Not at all. After the first year, each subsequent year deepens the core curriculum, but the first year (the core curriculum) is very rich, full, and complete on its own.

Can I do HER Mystery School while enrolled in other programs?

Absolutely. The time commitment for HER Mystery School is extremely flexible and can be worked around other commitments.

Can I mentor or study one on one with Jumana?

Other than the group mentorship of True Nature (third year) and the intensive personal mentorship of ordination (fourth year), Jumana is very rarely working one-on-one; please see the personal mentorships page for other one-one-one support.

Do I have to be of any particular religious or spiritual tradition to enroll? 

No. The school is not in confict with any spiritual tradition or religion. Women of Christian, Muslim, Bhuddist, Pagan and various other spiritual backgrounds have enrolled, and been deeply moved by, HER Mystery School.

Can I enroll after the cycle starts or do I have to wait for next year?

Enrollment stays open for two weeks after the start of the cycle, but then closes until the following year. Retreats, events, webinars, and private sessions with mentors are all ways to stay connected with the school.

Am I too old/young to enroll?

Nope. Women of all ages, races, spiritual traditions, sexual orientations, and all sorts of diversity are enrolled in the school. They live in over 18 countries, and find a deep home as Woman within themselves and with each other.  



What is the difference between group and private mentorships?

If you sign up for a private mentorship, you are signing up for a nine month one-one-one mentorship that you and your mentor will design specifically for you. You and your mentor will have a 60 minute depth session each month. If you sign up for a group mentorship, you are joining a small group of women (4-8} who will be focused on a particular theme (Intimacy, Sexuality, Dreaming, or Medicine Gifts). Group mentorships are tailored to develop their particular topic in parallel with the core curriculum of the school. A group mentorship includes one additional teaching each month, and a 75 minute group video webinar each month.

Who can enroll in a mentorship?

Anyone enrolled in the school - first, second, third year and onward.

How do I find out if a particular mentor is a good fit for me?

We recommend that you schedule a free 20 minute discovery session with the mentor(s) you are drawn to. Links to schedule are on the mentorship pages.

Can I do more than one mentorship?

Yes. You can do a different mentorship each year, or even two simultaneously in a single year.

How did Jumana choose the mentors?

Mentors are women who are skilled, trusted, and experienced priestesses with long term experience in HER Mystery School curriculum. 


Do you offer refunds?

Please make sure you want to purchase the program, webinar series, class or mentorships before doing so, as no refunds are offered.


If you have further questions please reach out to us at

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