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Throughout the year, we hold various offerings outside of HER Mystery School that are open to everyone. These offerings are either focalized by Jumana or one of the mentors of the school, Deonesea and Jamila. All of the information for current offerings is listed below.

Woman at Midlife Workshop

90 Minute Online Workshop

The transitions and challenges that women face at midlife with hormonal and psychological changes, is a topic rarely addressed in culture except for the way Hollywood makes women out to be crazy. While much is said about the "midlife crisis" for men, it is rarely acknowledged that women also go through a big change at this time in life, perimenopause to menopause. The result is that women often feel alone as they go through what seems like the loss of their youth and their beauty... and in many, many cases, their value. Not only is there scanty information about this tremendous change available, but what little is out there is steeped in resignation and lacking in feminine wisdom teaching.

Such a huge part of what happens to Woman in her midlife is that she falls prey to the cultural adoration of the Maiden's form. As she watches her body change, largely outside of her control (thank you, hormones), while being immersed in a world culture that worships youth and beauty, Woman finds herself having no true and natural context for dealing with the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite and the disappearance of her former muscle tone. Add to that hot flashes, unpredictable bleeds and moodiness, and she experiences herself as the "hot mess" that culture would label her.

This program is the solution to that dilemma.

Deonesea La Fey and Jamila Suzanne, HMS Mentors, are offering a 90 minute call as a precursor to their nine month exploration of Woman at Midlife alongside the HMS curriculum. The focus of this call will be on addressing the midlife changes from a place of deep feminine wisdom teachings that address the hormonal, emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological aspects of this huge initiation of womanhood.

(Recording will be made available)


2023 Master Class Series

In this four part Master Class series, we will deepen together in a claiming of the discernment and fiercely graceful self-authority that is the gift and an unerring guide for a woman who cultivates sacred, skillful means. 
We will further liberate and anchor the knowing in you that can answer the ever changing question of, "What is the power move here?"

Or maybe more importantly, more clearly, I will be inviting you to know more deeply how you can align with the deep feminine wisdom stream so that power moves through and on behalf of you in any moment.

Our series together this year focuses on four cultivation practices that I have chosen from the broader curriculum of HER Mystery School, because they have proven year after year to be some of the most potent, liberating and transformative practices for women in the school.

Each part of the series will include:

  • 90 minute Master Class with a guided audio practice to support integration and application in your life.


~ All-Inclusive Women’s Destination Retreat

in Croatia with Deonesea La Fey in partnership with Courageous Being ~

Rejuvenate your whole self in 10 restful days, immersed in the stunning beauty of Croatia and the Mediterranean.​

When was the last time you really rested?

We plan vacations. We pack for them. We travel to them. We wake up early for them. We fill our days with cool things to do while there. Have to take advantage of every minute we’re away from daily obligations, right? Does any actual relaxing happen?

Rest is vital for our mental, emotional, spiritual health and inner healing.


With Rest and Receive™, you are taken care of from arrival to departure in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, and throughout our leisurely journey together in Istria, a triangular peninsula at the head of the Adriatic arm of the Mediterranean Sea. 


This retreat guides you to intentionally enter and consistently remain in the states of restoration and cultivation of your personal power through rest, movement, and nourishment. Some adventure takes place, too! 


We’ll explore spectacular locations of ancient history, including Roman temples, Colosseum and basilicas, medieval towns in refreshing natural settings, mystical stone hills, and ancient Goddess sites. We’ll also spend time in vibrant city settings, romancing our taste buds with gourmet organic food bursting with vitality.

We’ll incorporate ritual and skillful workshops to teach you how to amplify, maintain and return to practices of self-rejuvenation on-demand, continuing after the retreat.

We hope you'll join us!


A Reclamation of Deep Feminine

Sacred Needs

This half-day immersion with Jumana is designed for passionate, sensitive women who suffer with the ache and confusion of yearning, unmet longing, and the desperation, the isolation that can result.

You were made for fulfillment. You were made to ripen on the vine.

Your deeper yearning, as invisible or invalidated as it may be in our current overculture, is a fullness in and of itself.  
It is a deep knowing that can be trusted, not confirmation of a perceived personal deficit or life's betrayal.

Join me for a half day immersion in the cultivation and tending of deep feminine sacred needs.  We will turn together toward the deep feminine wisdom stream of HER Mystery School, and we will Change. This. Game.

This is a recorded immersion that includes:

  • 60 minute opening webinar devoted to clarifying the nature, realities, and holy trustworthy beauty of sacred needs. This sets the foundation.

  • 60 minutes of personal integration, reflection, and grounding time, off screen.

  • 90 minutes of video meeting to get practical, connect, and move some energy.  

  • Concise guidance for preparation before and integration after the immersion.

Seasonal Devotional Immersions

A Series of Guided Deep Feminine Immersions with Jumana Sophia

An eight part series of depth teaching, deep feminine cultivation practices, and shared ritual arts that companion the changing seasons of the year, or the changing sacred needs of your life.

Journey through the seasonal wheel (or the changing seasons of your life) with eight initiatory experiences into deep feminine arts that forge trustworthy alliances with darkness, light, wisdom, love, courage, faith, and the death that is life.

These are recorded immersions that include:

  • 90 minute webinar: Initial teaching and shared practice in the deep feminine tradition

  • A guided audio practice for ongoing cultivation, sourced from HER Mystery School curriculum

  • Introduction of a ritual art

  • Guided personal ceremony for the holy day

  • 60 minute webinar: Completion, integration and claiming


Available singly or as a full 8 part series.

The Woman and The Warrior Fundraiser

A true story. A fundraiser for a remarkable veteran.

My friend is a disabled marine veteran who has resurrected himself from near death several times, multiple mental health disorders, a near fatal level of substance abuse, severe PTSD, traumatic brain injury and other things he will not talk about. You wouldn't know any of this if you met him.  He is years sober.  Because he has cultivated self-awareness and self-mastery through necessity rather than curiosity he is tested and true. He is the most competent and self-reliant man I have ever met.  In fact, when we met he was traveling with a hammock, a kessel, and a knife, bushcrafting his way through the northern forests and southern jungles of the east coast.  


His eyes are bright and warm.  His soul force is palpable.  His heart is a guarded treasure house.  (sshhh don't tell anyone!  that's a secret).  And it turns out that my first priority with him is his protection.


I want him to have the service dog he was prescribed five years ago.  I want him to have the kind of healing treatments that are outside of the scope of what the VA will provide.  I want him to sleep well all through the night and have days upon days free of PTSD escalations that he currently manages by driving himself to the parking lot of an ER and waiting for the panic to pass.  And much more.​ So this fundraiser was born.

I am asking for your help, your generosity, and your love.

You can of course just simply donate - the button for that is below.  But I also wanted to make medicine of my time with this remarkable man, and offer you something in return for your generosity.  

So, I will be offering three separate opportunities for us to gather together and share in inspiring explorations of honor, the hard but holy medicine of the soul road, reciprocal guardianship, how to take the war out of man, and a handful of other wonderful things that I have come to know more deeply over these past eight months with this unexpected teacher.


The Healthy Boundaries Intensive

DATE: Sunday, October 1st

TIME: Initial webinar 8am PDT, 60 minute break 9-10am PDT, video meeting at 10am PDT

This half-day immersion with Jumana will be a depth practicum all about "boundaries," drawing on simple, potent deep feminine practices sourced from HER Mystery School curriculum.  

Intensive classes are opportunities to cultivate the deep feminine skillful means we need in order to gather power, initiate change, be honest with ourselves, and reunify with holy wisdom.  

Arrive to this time as you are, in all that you are. Honest, open. I will meet you there, but I won't leave you there. The life you return to after our time together will be different...... a more True expression of your deepest being, made "right," by the simple grace of holy wisdom and the strength of our togetherness.

Our time together will include:

  • 60 minute recorded opening webinar devoted to depth exploration of "boundaries" as they are understood from a deep feminine perspective.

  • 60 minutes off screen for personal reflection, self-care, and integration.

  • 90 minute recorded video meeting to get practical, connect, address the specific challenges in your life, and move some energy.

  • Simple, effective guidance for preparation and long term integration.

(Recording will be made available)


How to Be Smart, Savvy, and

Successful in Love

This two hour workshop with HER Mystery School Sexuality and Intimacy Mentor Deonesea La Fey is about learning how to date in a way that will help you come to be in the kind of relationship you want to be in. She will go over how to vet men who you meet in person, use online dating to your advantage, sort through men's profiles to find the type of guy you want, and find out early on if he's a potential fit for you, or not... and she'll do it in a way that makes it fun for you! This class will help you date like YOU are the one in charge, and guide you in how to find yourself in a relationship where you are cherished beyond your wildest dreams!

This is a recorded class that includes:

  • 120 minute online workshop on everything you need to know about dating to find the love that you want.


Let the Unburdening Begin

with Jumana Sophia

Deep Feminine Liberation of Rage, Sexual Potency, Magic, and the Call to the Sacred Path


This series is dedicated to unburdening your true nature from internalized distortions and misunderstandings around deep feminine power, so that you can inhabit your life as a woman with ease, wisdom, self-authority and honest gratitude. Join me in stepping out of the pendulum swing between repression and reaction to that repression, gathering instead where truth abides, and where clarity and truly untamed expression are born.

Let's remember together how a deep feminine approach to anger (Warrior), sex (Lover), magic (Witch), and the sacred (Pilgrim) will always liberate rather than destroy you or others.


These are four 90 minute recorded depth practicums, available individually or as a discounted series.

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