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Throughout the year, we hold various offerings outside of HER Mystery School that are open to everyone. These offerings are focalized by Jumana, our HMS Mentors, Deonesea and Jamila, or other members of the HMS team. The information for current offerings is listed below, and the recordings of past offerings are accessible via the Schedule of Events tab above.

Sexuality and Intimacy Six Week Immersion

Restore the Natural Eroticism

of Embodied Sexuality

March 6th - April 10th

As we navigate a world in which sexuality has been understood almost entirely from a male perspective for eons of time, it is really important for us as women to come to an understanding of our sexuality, and the ways we share it intimately, through a feminine wisdom perspective. When we understand our bodies and our sexual energy and how they work, we empower ourselves to enjoy pleasure - sexual and otherwise - in new and more fulfilling ways. From body shame to past hurts to lack of education to the ever moving tides of female hormones, there’s a lot to come to understand about female sexuality. 


This six week immersion is designed to offer education and exploration of what it is to turn to our sexuality from a feminine understanding, both for our own personal life experience and for sharing with another. As a group, we will delve into deep questions around sex, pleasure, female bodies, and what it is to be a sensual and sexually actualized woman.


  • One 75 minute group session each week

  • Additional curriculum related to the class theme that aligns with the curriculum of the school

A Restoration of Sexual Sanctity

We, the Women, Are the Boundary Keepers

April 6th from 11:00am-12:30pm PST

In this immersion, Jumana and Isa will bring together the deep feminine wisdom stream of HER Mystery School with the shamanic technique of Toltec Recapitulation.  


Toltec Recapitulation is an ancient shamanic energy/breath technique used to retrieve energy from any situation in which you have dissipated it, most especially the residue of all sexual relationships left in your womb. 


These accumulated energies in all of us - energies that the shamans call the "heavy energies" of the world - weigh us down and affect our life. Through Toltec Recapitulation you will learn how to clear and clean your womb space, your "dreaming organ", and your light body from all foreign energies. This is an essential cultivation for the reclamation of your true essence, and the establishment of a clear relationship to your intuition.


Together we will restore sanctity to our sexuality, we will unburden the impacts of our sexual history, and we will retrieve any power lost through past experiences. Enrollment in HER Mystery School is not a requirement, but students of the school will find this to be a powerful deepening of our work with the Sacred Bowl, restoration of virginity, and clearing of the womb.

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