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With Jumana Sophia


Restoring Your Holy Alliance with the Death That is Life

Webinar Recording - Initial Teaching and Practice

Excerpted Prayer & Practice from Ritual Immersion

IMPORTANT - Clarification about the Practice and Ritual 

As I was preparing the practice for you (which I do after 0ur call once I have a clearer sense of our group), I ended up choosing two practices. The first is a guided Shrouding Ritual from the month of The Descent in HER Mystery School.  The second is "Dark Mother, Golden Mother," an alchemical restorative practice from the month of Alchemista.


This practice is a guided ritual into shrouding yourself.  It is a beautiful opportunity to lay your burdens and yourself to rest. I recommend that you do this for yourself before your ceremony and then see how and if it wants to somehow be incorporated into your personal ritual time.

What you need for it: A safe, quiet space for 30 minutes where you have prepared a simple but beautiful and comfortable place to lay down and nest into.  A candle. A light-ish covering that will cover your entire body and head.

Please be aware: You do not need to cover your face if that creates any feeling of discomfort for you. The shroud in this context is a ritual tool of sheltering, of blessing.  The realm of death, for understandable reasons, can be a realm that you may feel fear around.  As we ally ourselves with the mercy and beauty of the Death That is Life and Love please be ever so gentle with any fear that may arise.


This is a shorter practice, a restorative practice, for you to work with throughout the weeks ahead.  I chose it intentionally because it works with nourishing and balancing you between the heavy, magnetic loving darkness of the deep earth and the golden light from above.  It is an alchemical practice, gentle but potent for staying connected to the New Life/Light that exists simultaneously with Death/Darkness.

The shrouding ritual practice is important to do at least once during this time, but you can feel free to work with it as many times as you wish. Dark Mother, Golden Mother is a shorter practice that I would encourage you to go to often throughout this season of laying to rest - when you're tired or overwhelmed, or as you go to sleep at night.

Webinar Recording - Integration

Guided Practices:

Shrouding Ritual;  Dark Mother, Golden Mother

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