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The High, Deep and Simple Arts of Tending to the Sacred in Yourself and Your World

Whoever penetrates to the heart of the mystery thereafter becomes its guardian.


This half-day retreat immersion is FREE to women who enroll for HER Mystery School 2024 by the early registration deadline of midnight on July 7th.​

Sunday, August 18th

Initial webinar 10am-11am PDT, personal break 11:00am-11:30am, video meeting 11:30am-1pm

(Recording will be made available for those who cannot join live)


In our time together we will begin with discussion and transmission of the fundamental approach, the skillful life arts that open, uphold, and give place to the sacred, in both your own being and in the world around you. You will have time then to integrate and reflect on your own before we rejoin for depth practice and exploration together.


I will be distilling key elements of both the subtle and practical skills that are necessary when approaching the sacred for its own sake - for instance, approaching your own womanhood as a revelation worthy of discipleship rather than an identity to wield and control. I will articulate and then guide you into your own direct experience of the approach, the inner architecture and the inner knowing that will empower you to encounter and to skillfully tend to the sacred nature of your own being, your relationships, the world around you, and even the spiritual practices or traditions you turn toward.


The sacred in our world and in your own being is both immensely powerful and vulnerable. It is powerful - this is the incorruptible, ever-renewing, God given, true nature of Creation. It is vulnerable - to our own amnesias, to denial and manipulation, to the  distortions of irreverence. We are conditioned to and forever under the assault of overcultures that have exiled themselves from the sacred and therefore denigrate,  occlude, or defile it.


So as women aware of our own sacred nature and devoted to the sacred nature of life, we come together to remember, deepen and cultivate the skillful means of tending to the holy, in all of its exaltations and mundane simplicities.


Through deep feminine wisdom sensibilities and applied practice some of the things we will consider are:


  • The necessary and functional protection of the sacred

  • The approach and state of being that calls the sacred forward

  • The art of eliciting nobility

  • The import of gatekeeping, ie, determining worthiness of entry

  • Tending to your subtle nature

  • Direct connection to your knowing and the God of your own understanding

  • Simple sanctifications in the name of bringing someone or something back into right relationship with their true nature

This gently ritualized experience is FREE to women who enroll in HER Mystery School 2024 before the early registration deadline of midnight on Sunday, July 7th and will be designed to more fully prepare you for the nine month journey. I will be orienting you to the fundamental approach that will support your clarity of intention as we begin and then the way that you engage with the practices and transmissions as we embark on our journey together. I will be incorporating key elements of the school curriculum, informed and simplified by my eight years of guiding women through it and refined by the development of the advanced third year curriculum.


This will be as appropriate, nourishing and potent for women who are joining for another year of the school as it will be for women just joining the school for the first time. It will be an impactful moment of personal pause and alignment supported by our togetherness. In the clarity of this wisdom stream you will open to that which you are becoming even now, that which is calling you forward even as it sanctifies all that you are in every moment.

This half day intensive includes:

  • 60 minute opening webinar

  • 60 minutes off screen for personal reflection, self-care, and integration

  • 90 minute video meeting to practice together and anchor intentions for the path ahead

  • Simple, effective guidance for preparation and long term integration

The sacred is sacred by Her Nature, but our remembrance and our ongoing, skillful devotion to Her are what give Her place and power in our world. I look forward to joining in a discipleship of soul with you.

The High, Deep and Simple Arts of Tending to the Sacred in Yourself and Your World

COST: $95

Sunday, August 18th

10am-11am PDT, break 11am-11:30am, 11:30am-1pm

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