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With Jumana Sophia


Restoring Your Holy Alliance with the Wisdom That Heals

Webinar Recording - Initial Teaching and Practice

IMPORTANT - Clarification about the Practice and Ritual 

As I was preparing the practice for you (which I do after 0ur call once I have a clearer sense of our group), I ended up choosing two practices, both from the month of Alchemista in HER Mystery School, which is the sixth month.   There are two things of note for working with these:

1.  I added the Earth Star, Celestial Star practice. The earth star and celestial star are mentioned in the Reconciling Irreconcilables practice, so this will give you more of a sense of what they are and what they feel like.  Also, this is an ideal practice to simply support your alignment and drop you in to your center as you are preparing for the second practice.  You can do this as part of your ritual or in preparation for it.  And remember - these practices are for you to work with throughout the six weeks of this turn of the wheel.  You can use them as much as you feel drawn to.

2. It's optional, but if you have the time and inclination, I would strongly recommend that before you head into your ritual with your chosen focus for the Reconciling Irreconcilables practice, that you first choose two neutral things that are opposites or different and bring them to the practice to get a sense of what it feels like to distill things to their essence and then bring them together.  Two neutral things could be:  fire and water, darkness and light, even an apple and an orange (not opposite but different).  This will give you an opportunity to work with the practice and get a sense of basically how it works before you bring a more charged, and complex irreconcilable to the your circle.  

7 Signals of Cognitive Dissonance

(Indicating a need to return to congruency within yourself, or to recognize that there is incongruency in what/who you are facing)


1.  Being stunned by new info but not changing your perspective.

2. Yelling or getting angry.

3.  Retreating without concession.

4.  Attacking someone’s character.

5. Regularly moving goalposts.

6.  Misreading nefarious intent.

7.  Inaccurately summarizing the other’s perspective.


I'm honestly not sure where I found this, but it was helpful.  Here is my addition:

Referencing "All" anything.

"All" conservatives

"All" liberals

"All" vaccinated people

"All" unvaccinated people

"All" women

"All" men

"All" kids

"All" boomers


Webinar Recording - Integration

(recording up next Wednesday after our call)

Guided Practices:

Reconciling Irreconcilables;  Earth Star, Celestial Star


For Upcoming Dates

The Death That is Life

Samhain; The Laying To Rest

THEME: Together we will restore alliance with the Death that is Life, remembering that we walk the Life-Death-Life cycle, not the Death-Life-Death cycle.  We will draw close to the comforting arts of true and full surrender to the fallow, the completion, the loss, the laying to rest, as the doorway through which the cycle towards life, love, fruition and the steady flame can begin again.    




(all will be recorded and sent via email)

Friday, November 5th, 11:00 am PST
90 Minute Teaching and Practice Webinar
Sunday, November 7th:  Suggested Date of Personal Ritual
Wednesday, November 10th, 11:00 am PST
60 Minute Integration Webinar

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