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Sexuality and Intimacy Mentor

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Deonesea is a senior mentor of HER Mystery School who is well-versed in the teachings and practices of the school. As the Sexuality and Intimacy Mentor for HMS, she brings a depth of feminine wisdom to all things related to our bodies, our sexuality and our relationships. Deonesea is a gifted Priestess who guides women through the painful passages of trauma, pain and heartbreak, to come out the other side into their empowerment, radiance, and love.


“Women often say to me that they never fully realized how beneficial having mentorship is, until they experienced it for themselves. They note that having me there to help them make sense of what’s going on in their lives, especially when it comes to sex and relationships, as they journey into a deeper feminine place inside themselves, is invaluable. Through mentorship I am in service to your growth and knowing of yourself, as it is being enhanced by the teachings of the school.” ~ Deonesea

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About Deonesea

Deonesea is a sensuality coach and movement facilitator who is deeply trained and experienced in sensuality and embodiment practices, ecstatic dance forms, and initiatory rites. Deonesea supports both women and men to release themselves from past experiences and conditioning that inhibits their eroticism, so that they can find their own personal pathways to ecstasy.  Her work is based in the knowing that our sensuality and sexuality can be a powerful source of creativity, passion and joy when we allow ourselves to cultivate and embrace them.  In addition to holding her private coaching practice, Deonesea leads women’s empowerment workshops and sensuality retreats at home and abroad.

Learn more about Deonesea on her website HERE.

Deonesea's Mentorships

Through HER Mystery School

Would you like to take this journey through the school with your man? You can do that through a Couples Mentorship with Deonesea. Couples who work with Deonesea experience that they grow closer to each other and build deeper intimacy through engaging in a mentorship journey together. Schedule a Discovery Session with her to learn more.


Would you like to have support around the journey through peri-menopause and menopause? For several years Deonesea has co-lead the Woman at Midlife group with Jamila. Having the support of seasoned mentors in the context of a group setting where you can share with other women, is a balm to the soul of the woman in the throes of the menopause initiation. See the details for this group below.

Deonesea's Upcoming Live Classes and Retreats

Persephone's Journey

From Victimized Maiden to Empowered Queen


June 25th, July 2nd, and July 9th 11:00am-12:30pm PDT

The myths of ancient Greece offer us so much more than just fantastical stories of mythical creatures and larger than life Gods and Goddesses… they offer us templates of archetypal journeys represented through each of the stories of those deities. The Greek pantheon were the first Gods and Goddesses of the polytheistic world to be portrayed as fully human beings. Others are all part animal, part human. The Greek Gods and Goddesses, therefore, hold a specific and highly developed place in the human psyche. 


For this reason, we can look to those myths and find deeper understanding about our life experiences. We can look to them, too, for how to grow through our experiences and become more whole and centered and clear in who we are… and free to live the life we long for.


So… Who is the Persephone Woman? 


How does living out this archetypal story play out in a woman’s day to day life? First and foremost, for a woman to have been pitched into a Persephone journey, there has to have been a Hades. Yeah, read that again…


To have become a woman with a Persephone archetype, you had to have had a Hades.


For many of us that showed up in our early childhood years through a father, a stepfather, an uncle or a family friend. And for others, it came through a cousin, a boy at school, a date with someone we knew… the list goes on and on. Regardless of what form he appeared in, that male figure “abducted” us from our innocence and took us captive into an underworld journey where he ruled over us. And he has continued to rule over us in our psyche, keeping us locked in internal states of freeze and fawn - if not outright terror - and behaviors of people-pleasing, dimming our light and overriding our instincts and perceptions.


Many women living in this journey find themselves cut off from clear connection with their intuition, their voice and their sense of self-worth. They lack a sense of ownership of their own bodies and their sexual pleasure. 


In Persephone’s Journey: From Victimized Maiden to Empowered Queen, we will fully explore the ways in which a woman comes to be ruled by this archetype, and how she can take the path of growth to clear her psyche and reclaim lost aspects of herself. Through teachings, guided practices and instructed personal rituals, this class will guide you along the path to ascend from the underworld and live fully in your adult woman self.

2024 Greece Retreat


Walk the Path of Powerful Woman

October 14th - October 24th​


"Pilgrimage" is defined as a journey to a holy place, which can lead to a personal transformation, after which the pilgrim returns to their daily life transformed.

In these times of tremendous societal and social change on our planet, we need women standing in their true power now more than ever. This kind of personal empowerment journey is exactly what you'll experience through this destination retreat.

When powerful women of ancient times visited holy places for prayer and divination, they engaged in very specific rituals to prepare themselves to receive messages and direction - both for themselves personally and for their loved ones or community. They began at the sacred springs to cleanse and anoint themselves, then fed themselves from the sacred plants of the land, before making their way to the temples or power spots to commune with the divine.

This pilgrimage will begin in the city of Athens where, like the powerful women of ancient times, we will bathe and anoint ourselves in the waters of the hammam and imbibe the ambrosia of the land through culinary delights, preparing ourselves to make our way to the Parthenon, Temple of Athena, the patron Goddess for whom Athens was named. As we take this pilgrimage for tapping into our personal power we turn to the goddess Athena as the goddess of justice and strategy and wisdom to help us get in touch with our own personal power and garner wisdom for how to more fully live from it in our lives. From Athens we will journey to the island of Crete, where we'll immerse ourselves in the gifts of the Minoan society. We'll journey to Knossos, the Palace of the Snake Goddess, to deepen our pilgrimage into our individual power by finding an embodied expression of what we learned through communing with Athena. From there, we will join a convocation of Priestesses - both women and men - for a week of rituals, ceremonies and celebrations to fully claim and anchor your ability to have command and influence in your life.

The temples, palaces, land and sea of Greece hold a deep spiritual heritage from which you can gather strength, energy and vitality. This retreat is an opportunity to experience yourself outside of your day to day life... to feel yourself returned to essence.

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