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Oracular Dreaming and Medicine Woman Mentor

A close-up photo of Jamila Suzanne.

Jamila is a senior mentor of HER Mystery School who is well-versed in the teachings and practices of the school. As the Dreaming and Healing Mentor for HMS, she brings a depth of feminine wisdom to all things related to our mental and emotional clarity, multi-dimensional awareness and capacity for healing. Jamila guides women more deeply into their own knowing, right action and intuition. She helps them feel more relaxed in themselves and confident to meet the environments they are surrounded by.


“I am amazed at how profound a transformation I witness in the women I work with every year. It is an honor to be a part of each unique process and evolution. I experience heart’s opening like flower petals unfolding. The trust that is established creates a safe space for vulnerability which in turn allows for authentic discovery. From that discovery comes power. Through that power comes change in the world.” ~ Jamila

A photo of Jamila Suzanne lying on a moss-covered boulder by a stream.

About Jamila

Jamila has been an avid dreamer since early childhood. She is a Certified Dream Teacher under the expert guidance and support of Robert Moss, author, lifelong scholar and quantum shamanic dream instructor. She has been a body worker for 3 decades and brings somatic awareness and the regulation of the nervous system into all areas of her facilitation.  She is trained in Family Constellation Therapy and is a Certified Thriving Relationship Coach.  Jamila is also trained and available for plant medicine integration conversations.

She brings clear energetic containment to the exploration of life, eliciting active participation and inviting each individual into the depths of their own wisdom.

There may be tears, there may be laughter.

There may be rage, there may be stillness

and wading through the muck.

It may be juicy, it may be dry.

All are welcome in the world of dream.

What she does know, is that if we listen,

and act on what we hear,

it is then that we are most alive.


Learn more about Jamila on her website HERE.

Jamila's Mentorships

Through HER Mystery School

Are you interested in connecting with your waking and sleeping dreams? You can do that through the Oracular Dreaming Self Study Bundle.

Do you need support acknowledging “what is” with more clarity and intention? You can do that through the Medicine Woman Self Study Bundle.

Would you like to have support around the journey through peri-menopause and menopause? For several years Jamila has co-lead the Woman at Midlife group with Deonesea. Having the support of seasoned mentors in the context of a group setting where you can share with other women, is a balm to the soul of the woman in the throes of the menopause initiation.

Hear What Other Women Say About Working with Jamila
Interviews with Women from HER Mystery School

“Thank you for all the ways you have held space for me during my falling-aparts and my coming-togethers this year. You have guided me, laughed with me, witnessed me and been my mirror. You have helped me heal generations of trauma. You have helped me forgive myself. You have helped me claim my rightful place as Queen as Daughter of God. Your wisdom creates ripple effects into the universe, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to know you.” ~ KF


Jumana Interviews Jamila



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