Jumana Sophia

Founder and Guide


HER Mystery School

 9 Month Core Curriculum

A 9 month guided immersion into nine aspects of deep feminine power, presence, and practice. 

Journey with women all over the world. We are a multi-cultural, multi-generational, multi-racial, of all walks of life.

Everything from strippers to Buddhist nuns, we come to drink from the deep well of remembrance that lives in all women, regardless of what form She takes.  

  • 9 Months of weekly audio teachings and guided practices sourced in the deep feminine tradition, created and led by Jumana.  

  • Weekly live discussion webinars with Jumana

  • Private HER Mystery School Forum

  • Optional end of year retreat

The Queen's Command

9 Month Advanced Program

For women who have completed a year of the core curriculum.


Sit fully into your authority and come to understand how to never leave it again.

Shameless in the best of ways. 

Poised, crowned with integrity, cherished, adored. 

  • Monthly audio transmissions from Jumana

  • Monthly focused mastery practices

  • Monthly live group webinars

  • 60 Minute Monthly Session with Your Mentor

  • Personally Designed Integrative Practices from Your Mentor

Sunday Services

Non-denominational services in the deep feminine tradition.  75 minutes long, currently online. Registration is necessary, but there is no cost and no emails will be captured. With registration, you will be sent information to join either online or via phone.  

Service includes:

  • Welcome and blessing

  • Reading from HER Mystery School

  • Message

  • Shared practice

  • Closing prayer and blessing

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About Jumana

Jumana holds the deep feminine mysteries with a safe, soulful, inclusive, powerful, yet practical mastery.  Over the past two decades of immersive study, practice, and refinement she has fostered an integrity of presence and an authentic, living wisdom that her community both deeply trusts and loves.

For Jumana, the deep feminine path is less an exclusive spiritual path, and more of a True approach, an indwelling presence.  The terrain of the holy feminine is both mystical and mundane, a full-spectrum, embodied realm of revelation that consistently escapes capture in the confines of ideology, even mythology.  


SHE is a living force, alive in every woman.  Although unwilling to be captured or confined, when we turn towards Her, She will make Herself known.  

Video Teachings from HER Mystery School
Teachings from the Core Curriculum. 

What if Being a Woman IS Your Spiritual Path?

Confidence That Comes From Heaven

The Warrior's Cure for Helpless Rage

When The Dark Comes

Who Do You Serve and What Will You Become?

Sunday Service Excerpt

Spirit of the Times, Spirit of the Depths

Self-Responsibility That Actually Works

Three Keys to Unapologetic Boundaries

Befriend Your Weariness

(Let Her Lead You to the Deep Well)