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Understanding Your Love Relationships Based on Your Own Personal Astrology

HER Mystery School is excited to announce a new offering that combines the soul-seeing insights of Astrology with experiential, feminine support from a skillful HMS Mentor. 


This new, collaborative form of spiritual counsel was born from a question: What happens when penetrating masculine insight is combined with deep feminine guidance and support?


We call it, "The Astrology of Love and Longing"...Cutting-edge spiritual counsel offered by Sexuality and Intimacy Mentor, Deonesea La Fey, and Astrodharma Counselor, Hunter Reynolds.


The journey begins with a recorded, 90 minute astrology phone reading with Astrodharma counselor, Hunter Reynolds, followed by a 60 minute experiential support session from Sexuality and Intimacy Mentor, Deonesea La Fey. This is a unique and unprecedented opportunity for you to laser-in on what you would like to heal and master in your love relationships.

If you are single, this is a wonderful way to prepare yourself before entering into a new relationship again. And if you are currently in a relationship, these sessions can help you more deeply understand your connection.


Through Hunter's unique approach to reading your astrological chart, you'll take a deep and insightful look into your soul's path in this lifetime...your Dharma path...for the purpose of gaining greater insight into your unique challenges and growth opportunities that are presented to you through your intimate relationships. With Hunter's skillful guidance, you will demystify the reasons for your particular heartbreaks, desires and sacred needs when it comes to sharing intimacy with another person.


Next, you'll take what you've learned through your astrology reading into your session with Deonesea who will guide you in looking at and unravelling the ways you perpetuate those heartbreaks, and in learning new ways to approach intimate relationships so that you are relating in ways that help get your deepest desires and needs met, rather than recycling your pain points again and again. Whether you are currently in a relationship or you are single and anticipating your next relationship, deepening your understanding of the dynamics of your particular relationship patterns can affect wanted change for the path ahead. 

Through Inner Child work, Persona Play, and Deep Feminine Wisdom Practices, sessions with Deonesea will help you anchor into your heart and womb as the place where feminine power resides...the place where you can be most in touch with your truest heart’s desires, the place where you can be in touch with your capacity to have those desires met!


Hunter's incisive reading along with Deonesea’s deep feminine wisdom perspective, will support you to shed light on perplexing patterns, bring split off parts home to yourself, develop a sense of lightness and playfulness towards your learned behaviors, and gain a felt sense of the embodied presence of your true nature. 

Rumi said, "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field...I'll meet you there."


Magic happens...true intimacy happens...when our love relationships take place from beyond learned behavior, and instead take place from our Essence Selves.

1 - 90 minute Astrology Reading and

1 - 60 minute Coaching Session



Deonesea La Fey


Hunter Reynolds

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