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Throughout the year, we hold various offerings outside of HER Mystery School that are open to everyone. These offerings are either focalized by Jumana or one of the mentors of the school, Deonesea and Jamila. All of the information for current offerings is listed below.


~ All-Inclusive Women’s Destination Retreat

in Croatia with Deonesea La Fey in partnership with Courageous Being ~

Rejuvenate your whole self in 10 restful days, immersed in the stunning beauty of Croatia and the Mediterranean.

When was the last time you really rested?

We plan vacations. We pack for them. We travel to them. We wake up early for them. We fill our days with cool things to do while there. Have to take advantage of every minute we’re away from daily obligations, right? Does any actual relaxing happen?

Rest is vital for our mental, emotional, spiritual health and inner healing.


With Rest and Receive™, you are taken care of from arrival to departure in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, and throughout our leisurely journey together in Istria, a triangular peninsula at the head of the Adriatic arm of the Mediterranean Sea. 


This retreat guides you to intentionally enter and consistently remain in the states of restoration and cultivation of your personal power through rest, movement, and nourishment. Some adventure takes place, too! 


We’ll explore spectacular locations of ancient history, including Roman temples, Colosseum and basilicas, medieval towns in refreshing natural settings, mystical stone hills, and ancient Goddess sites. We’ll also spend time in vibrant city settings, romancing our taste buds with gourmet organic food bursting with vitality.

We’ll incorporate ritual and skillful workshops to teach you how to amplify, maintain and return to practices of self-rejuvenation on-demand, continuing after the retreat.

We hope you'll join us!

Seasonal Devotional Immersions

A Series of Guided Deep Feminine Immersions with Jumana Sophia

An eight part series of depth teaching, deep feminine cultivation practices, and shared ritual arts that companion the changing seasons of the year, or the changing sacred needs of your life.

Journey through the seasonal wheel (or the changing seasons of your life) with eight initiatory experiences into deep feminine arts that forge trustworthy alliances with darkness, light, wisdom, love, courage, faith, and the death that is life.

These are recorded immersions that include:

  • 90 minute webinar: Initial teaching and shared practice in the deep feminine tradition

  • A guided audio practice for ongoing cultivation, sourced from HER Mystery School curriculum

  • Introduction of a ritual art

  • Guided personal ceremony for the holy day

  • 60 minute webinar: Completion, integration and claiming


Available singly or as a full 8 part series.

The Astrology of Love and Longing

Understanding Your Love Relationships Based on Your Own Personal Astrology

This one-on-one private coaching experience combines the soul-seeing insights of Astrology with Astrodharma Counselor Hunter Reynolds and experiential, feminine support from HMS Sexuality and Intimacy Mentor Deonesea La Fey.

This collaborative form of spiritual counsel was born from a question: What happens when penetrating masculine insight is combined with deep feminine guidance and support?


The journey begins with a recorded, 90 minute astrology phone reading with Astrodharma counselor, Hunter Reynolds, followed by a 60 minute experiential support session from Sexuality and Intimacy Mentor, Deonesea La Fey. This is a unique and unprecedented opportunity for you to laser-in on what you would like to heal and master in your love relationships.

If you are single, this is a wonderful way to prepare yourself before entering into a new relationship again. And if you are currently in a relationship, these sessions can help you more deeply understand your connection.

Glastonbury Goddess Conference Retreat

~ In Celebration of the Crone Goddess,

Lady of the Otherworld ~

In HER Mystery School’s curriculum we meet the Crone Goddess at Samhain and in Dark MotherBefore joining the conference at its beginning on August 1st, we will spend two days together in the HMS sisterhood visiting the practices and sensibilities of Dark Mother. This will give you the opportunity to enjoy time in a group with other HMS women, deepen your relationship to the beauty of this aspect of Goddess, and prepare you to have a richer experience of the bigger journey of the Goddess Conference.

Through Dark Mother we rest, we get resourced, we turn to the darkness as a place of solace and fortification. Our collective practice will focus on being in the experience of this particular form of nourishment, in the context of a group of women who can drop into this shared language, guided to feel this specific sustenance in a deeply embodied way.


This particular offering of time together in the field of Dark Mother, will be especially potent as it will be held on the lands of Avalon… a place of deep magic long-held by the Priestesses of that land. Known to be the heart chakra of the planet, Glastonbury (Avalon), holds by its very nature all of the codes of what it is to be held in the deep heart of the Mother. That embrace will take us deep into our own inner place of refuge and sanctuary, where we will drink our fill from the deep well… both figuratively from our internal landscape, and literally from the external landscape of Chalice Well.

Come make pilgrimage to the Otherworld of Avalon and answer the call of the Crone Goddess.


Let the Unburdening Begin with Jumana Sophia

Deep Feminine Liberation of Rage, Sexual Potency, Magic, and the Call to the Sacred Path


This series is dedicated to unburdening your true nature from internalized distortions and misunderstandings around deep feminine power, so that you can inhabit your life as a woman with ease, wisdom, self-authority and honest gratitude. Join me in stepping out of the pendulum swing between repression and reaction to that repression, gathering instead where truth abides, and where clarity and truly untamed expression are born.

Let's remember together how a deep feminine approach to anger (Warrior), sex (Lover), magic (Witch), and the sacred (Pilgrim) will always liberate rather than destroy you or others.


These are four 90 minute recorded depth practicums, available individually or as a discounted series.

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