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Summer 2023
With Jumana Sophia
Sundays July 16th, 23rd, 30th and August 6th
Recordings will be made available.

As women of sacred intent, remaining alive, awake, and untamed as we meet the ever changing terrain of our lives, we find ourselves at one choice point after another.  And then another and another.  Opportunities, dissolutions, unexpected beauty, unbearable loss.  Sometimes relentless, sometimes overwhelming.  Always different.
Always a call to power.

So in this master class series we will deepen together in a claiming of the discernment and fiercely graceful self-authority that is the gift and an unerring guide for a woman who cultivates sacred, skillful means. 
We will further liberate and anchor the knowing in you that can answer the ever changing question of  
What is the power move here?  

Or maybe more importantly, more clearly, I will be inviting you to know more deeply how you can align with the deep feminine wisdom stream so that power moves through and on behalf of you in any moment.

Our series together this year focuses on four cultivation practices that I have chosen from the broader curriculum of HER Mystery School, because they have proven year after year to be some of the most potent, liberating and transformative practices for women in the school.

The series can be taken as a full four part intensive, or the classes can be taken individually.
It is scheduled with one 90 minute master class every week throughout July and August (2023)  Whether you enroll in one or all, I will be inviting you to choose and focus on a particular challenge or intention you hold for your life.  Choose something daunting :)  Because together we're going to change that whole narrative, whatever it is, however long or big or familiar it has become.  We'll change it from the inside out, so it changes for good.
When you direct your effort towards the cultivation of your own potency, right alignment, and coherency, you will watch how life, relationships, your past and your future all reorient themselves to a greater truth.  

The cultivation of deep feminine skillful means is so much more nourishing, effortless, and ultimately wise than the habitual demand (or desperate need) for external change from all the things we ultimately cannot control.   
This master class series is about the useful, skillful means we need as women of sacred depth and sensitivities in a world that suffers from a profound amnesia regarding the sacred, and that functions from a deeply misguided, untethered misuse of personal power
You will become more cultivated, and in that cultivation you will deepen both your own personal mastery and your capacity to bring your inner truths into full fruition and right action in your world.

Full information for each of the classes is below.  Each 90 minute class will include a guided audio practice to support integration and application in your life.  They will be appropriate and potent for women who have journeyed the nine months of HER Mystery School, or who are exploring this wisdom stream for the first time.  Recordings will be provided for those who can't attend live.
Questions?  Reach out to Sequoia at

COST:  $55/single; $205/series of four

*IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PAYMENT:  When you pay through the buttons below, you will receive confirmation and the information to join the call(s) to the email associated with your paypal account.  If you need us to use a different email address, please contact us at

Power Moves, Complete Series of Four



THEME: Together we will return to center through the agency of deep feminine skillful means.  You will sit down and rest into the power that IS, locating yourself at center - the one place you have true authority and access to effortless influence within your life. You will shed the hollow, exhausting postures and portraits of  "the empowered woman," remembering that real power moves thr0ugh and on behalf of you if you allow it.

PRACTICE:  Homecoming

CULTIVATION: Magnetism, Substantiation

POWER MOVE:  Consolidate

COST: $55 


Sunday, July 16th
11 AM - 12:30 PM, PST

Seize the Narrative

THEME: Together we will redefine all that "anxiety" is, or that we believe it to be.  At the root of all anxiety is a core knowing, a trustworthy instinct.  Despite all the untethered desperation and catastrophic imaginings that anxiety brings, it does stem from a simple, sober awareness, an instinctual and trustworthy inner voice that, when heard, will accomplish what anxiety is attempting to but failing to achieve - safe passage, self advocacy, and steady self confidence.

PRACTICE:  Anxiety vs. Instinct

CULTIVATION: Steady, Sober, Alert Knowing

POWER MOVE: Remove the Fear

COST: $55 


Sunday, July 30th
11 AM - 12:30, PST


THEME: Together we will re-establish the poise that creates a trustworthy pillar of strength and unapologetic presence at your center. Establishing this poise creates a fortified perimeter of personal space and presence all around you, relegating all that pushes in on you or pulls on you to the perimeter. Prepare to unfurl and finally feel what it's like to have the space to energetically breathe and feel yourself, your truth, your needs.  

PRACTICE:  Poise and Perimeter

CULTIVATION: Neutrality, Clarity of Presence

POWER MOVE: Disentangle, Decompress

COST: $55 


Sunday, July 23rd
11 AM - 12:30, PST

Turn Poison to Medicine

THEME: Together we will take the reigns and ride the dragon. There are simple, skillful means that make you a master of rather than captive of the powerful currents of energy within you that can either poison or liberate you. Rage, fear, sexual force, emotional pain, grief, will engage with these raw powers in accord with the deep feminine principles that make the sensitivities and passions of womanhood a gift rather than a burden.

PRACTICE:  Transmutation

 CULTIVATION: Emotional Mastery

POWER MOVE: Ride the Dragon

COST: $55 


Sunday, August 6th
11 AM - 12:30, PST

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