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Ungrounded, Scattered

Dominion, Week 1, Homecoming

Confused; Esp. by Outside Energies

Sovereign, Week 2, Homecoming


(Need: Nourish the Subtle Soul)

Communion with the World Soul, Week 1, Communion

Sexual "Dryness," Feminine Depletion 

The Garden, Week 1, Paradise


Overdoing: Imbalanced Creative Fire

Ovarian Cultivation, Week 2, Paradise

Facing Hardship, Loss

The Descent, Week 1, the Descent

Surrounded by "Voices" or Doubts

Facing the Demonic, Week 3, The Descent

Stuck or Blocked Creativity/


Harnessing Self-Sabotage, Week 3, Alchemista

Inner Conflict, Pulled in Two Directions 

Alchemizing Irreconcilables, Week 3, Alchemista 

Anxiety, Hypervigilance

Anxiety and Instinct, Embodied Inquiry 3, Oracle, 

Relationship Conflict

Communion with Other, 

Week 3, Communion

Facing a Challenge to Personal Authority

Indwelling Oracle Practice, Week 1, Oracle

Emotional Excess or Disturbance

Energy Transmutation, Week 3, Alchemista

Leaking Energy (Need: Tend the Sacred Bowl) 

Sacred Bowl, Week 4, Homecoming

Overly Dependent, Off-Center in a Sexual Relationship

Marriage of Heart and Womb, Week 2, Communion

Collapsed, Disempowered

Queen of Heaven, Week 1, Heavenly Mother

Overwhelm, Intense Vulnerability

Dark Mother, Week 1, Dark Mother

Regret About Self-Betrayal

Recovery of Knowing, Embodied Inquiry 4, Oracle

To Empty and Hold Sacred Space

Chalice Meditation, Week 1, Priestess

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