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Registrations for the nine month journey are now OPEN until the program begins on September 14th, 2023. If you are interested in other classes and retreats we'll be holding throughout the summer, click here.


Six-week immersions add the dimension of specified teachings and small group cohesion and support to your journey through the school. Each of the two six-week immersions is focalized by a mentor of the school. You can choose one of the six-week immersions or choose to participate in both of them.

There are specific themes and additional curriculum for each six-week immersion, offering an opportunity for you to deepen with others who are walking similar paths and focusing on developing similar deep feminine sensibilities.


The six-week immersion themes and dates are:

Healing Arts Immersion with Jamila Suzanne - Know, claim, and walk with your medicine gifts.

October 16 - November 20, 2023 

Sexuality and Intimacy Immersion with Deonesea La Fey  - Restore the natural eroticism of embodied sexuality. March 5 - April 9, 2024


  • One 75 minute group session each week

  • Additional curriculum related to the class theme that aligns with the curriculum of the school


See below to meet the mentors, get more details on the mentorships and immersions, and to set up a discovery sessionThey are nourishing and empowering, and offer an opportunity for deeper reflection and integration as you navigate the challenges, transitions, and growth path that is unique to you.

You can register for the Six Week Immersions when you register for the HER Mystery School 2023/2024 school year. The Six Week Immersions are $225 each, or $405 for both.

For questions about Six Week Immersion registrations, or if you've already registered for the 2023/2024 school year and want to add immersions, email Sequoia at

Healing Arts Immersion
with Jamila Suzanne

6 Week Immersion

Highlighting Rites of Passage and Conscious Creation
Blended from the Medicine Woman and Oracular Dreaming

Mentorship Tracks with Jamila Suzanne


Are you tired of living in a world that feels out of control? Does it seem like at every turn, most of what you see and feel has a back story of wounding? Are you ready to find ease in the midst of the chaos?

If so, join with Jamila and a group of women ready to be inspired and take the reign of living a life you love that is filled with ease, clear intent and limitless unfolding. Even when it is hard, renewal is around the next corner. Together we will join with Great Mystery, ask revealing questions, be guided by the potency of specific answers and have fun along the way. As women, we are born creators. We are natural healers. Take a deep bre
ath, feel it fill your entire being. Exhale. Feel it go out cleansing and making space. We’ll start there, making more space for conscious evolution.

The 6 Week HEALING ARTS IMMERSION Flow of Content:


10/16/23 10:00am PST Week 1: What are the Healing Arts?

Acknowledging what archetypes live through you and honoring them.

10/23/23 10:00am PST Week 2: Rites of Passage:

Initiation as desirable or undesirable. Releasing, adjusting and embracing change.

10/30/23 10:00am PST Week 3: Exploration of Intent.

Ceremony, mindfulness and our interconnectivity with the greater “field” of life itself.

11/06/23 10:00am PST Week 4: Dream incubation, seeding and fertilizing while awake and asleep.

11/13/23 10:00am PST Week 5:  Identifying both waking and dream guides including animal totems.  

11/20/23 10:00am PST Week 6: Dream healing for yourself and others.


  • One 75 minute group session each week

  • Additional curriculum related to the class theme that aligns with the curriculum of the school

Healing Arts

Deep Feminine Sexuality and Intimacy Immersion with Deonesea La Fey
6 Week Immersion

As we navigate a world in which sexuality has been understood almost entirely from a male perspective for eons of time, it is really important for us as women to come to an understanding of our sexuality, and the ways we share it intimately, through a feminine wisdom perspective. When we understand our bodies and our sexual energy and how they work, we empower ourselves to enjoy pleasure - sexual and otherwise - in new and more fulfilling ways. From body shame to past hurts to lack of education to the ever moving tides of female hormones, there’s a lot to come to understand about female sexuality. 


This six week immersion is designed to offer education and exploration of what it is to turn to our sexuality from a feminine understanding, both for our own personal life experience and for sharing with another. As a group, we will delve into deep questions around sex, pleasure, female bodies, and what it is to be a sensual and sexually actualized woman.



March 5 - April 9, 2024 (Call Times TBD)


Week 1: What is “Feminine” Sexuality? 

Understanding the differences between female sexuality and male sexuality.


Week 2: Turning Towards our Sexual Energy

Cultivating our relationship with our own individual sexual energy current, 

and clearing anything blocking its flow.


Week 3: Loving Our Bodies… Just the Way They Are

Learning how to love, accept and enjoy our own unique bodies, 

so that we can enjoy sex and intimacy more.


Week 4: Addressing Shame

By far, the greatest energy that has been wrapped around female bodies and sexuality throughout time,

is Shame. Here’s how we bring that shadow into the light.


Week 5: Releasing Past Pain

Turning towards the pain that’s been inflicted by others and ourselves (consciously or not), and dealing with the hurt that remains.

Week 6: Being a Great Lover

What it is to bring our deepest selves to sex, and thereby create true intimacy.


  • One 75 minute group session each week

  • Additional curriculum related to the class theme that aligns with the curriculum of the school

Sexuality and Intimacy
A close-up photo of Deonesea La Fey.

Deonesea La Fey

Deonesea is a sensuality coach and movement facilitator who is deeply trained and experienced in sensuality and embodiment practices, ecstatic dance forms, and initiatory rites. Deonesea supports both women and men to release themselves from past experiences and conditioning that inhibits their eroticism, so that they can find their own personal pathways to ecstasy.  Her work is based in the knowing that our sensuality and sexuality can be a powerful source of creativity, passion and joy when we allow ourselves to cultivate and embrace them.  In addition to holding her private coaching practice, Deonesea leads women’s empowerment workshops and sensuality retreats at home and abroad.

A close-up photo of Jamila Suzanne.

Jamila Suzanne

Jamila has been an avid dreamer since early childhood. She is a Certified Dream Teacher under the expert guidance and support of Robert Moss, author, lifelong scholar and quantum shamanic dream instructor.

She brings clear energetic containment to the oracular dreaming exploration, eliciting active participation and inviting each individual into the depths of their own wisdom.


There may be tears, there may be laughter.

There may be rage, there may be stillness and wading through the muck.

It may be juicy, it may be dry.

All are welcome in the world of dream.

What she does know, is that if we listen,

and act on what we hear,

it is then that we are most alive.

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