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With Jumana Sophia
 ~ Gather Power and Restore Your Soul in the Deep Feminine Heart of Holy Darkness ~
Begins December 17th, 2021

 ~ Homecoming, Shelter, Deep Rest, and Consolidation of Power ~

Come in from the cold, sacred friends.  Take pause from the bewilderment, rapid change, and rigor of these transformative times. Gather with me in the restorative shelter of holy darkness.  


Remember with me the Darkness That Knows - too often misunderstood to be the void of the unknown, filled with too many things we fear, or too many nightmares we imagine, or the emptiness of what we have lost.  Remember Her, Know Her, as a sheltering, incubating embrace in the deep feminine power of the dark.  Remember Her as the fecund, the gestating fallow, a place of nourishment, a place to release what has been too much and to gather ourselves home again.   To fill.  To return home.  

In this seasonal window of the Winter Solstice, the time of resting into darkness and welcoming the return of the light, we will come together to share depth teachings and practice from HER Mystery School (Friday, the 17th).  We will then each move into personal ritual over the holy day, in our own ways, our own lives. We come together again then (on Wednesday, the 22nd) to witness, complete, and integrate the wisdom received.

The experience includes:

  • 90 minute webinar: Initial teaching and shared practice in the deep feminine tradition

  • A guided audio practice for ongoing cultivation, sourced from HER Mystery School curriculum

  • Introduction of a ritual art

  • Guided personal ceremony for the holy day

  • 60 minute webinar: Completion, integration and claiming


(Recorded for those who can't attend live)

Initial Webinar: Friday, December 17th, 11 am PST

Completion Webinar: Wednesday, December 22nd, 11 am PST

COST:  $45

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