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Sexuality and Intimacy Mentor

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Deonesea is a senior mentor of HER Mystery School who is well-versed in the teachings and practices of the school. As the Sexuality and Intimacy Mentor for HMS, she brings a depth of feminine wisdom to all things related to our bodies, our sexuality and our relationships. Deonesea is a gifted Priestess who guides women through the painful passages of trauma, pain and heartbreak, to come out the other side into their empowerment, radiance, and love.


“Women often say to me that they never fully realized how beneficial having mentorship is, until they experienced it for themselves. They note that having me there to help them make sense of what’s going on in their lives, especially when it comes to sex and relationships, as they journey into a deeper feminine place inside themselves, is invaluable. Through mentorship I am in service to your growth and knowing of yourself, as it is being enhanced by the teachings of the school.” ~ Deonesea



Here are the options available for working with Deonesea…

Ecstasy and Alchemy
Mentorship Bundle

This add-on to your school year will give you all of the teachings of the two mentorship tracks Deonesea offered in the early years of HMS - Aphrodite’s Ecstasy and Alchemy of Intimacy - all in one bundle. Each month you will receive two 10-15 minute video teachings from Deonesea that correlate with that month of the school. For example, during the month of Homecoming you will receive two videos on how to apply the teachings of Homecoming to your sexuality (Aphrodite’s Ecstasy) and to your relationship (Alchemy of Intimacy).

Through this mentorship bundle you’ll learn how you can recover and luxuriate in the magnetism, pleasure, and radiance of your sensuality, while you cultivate empowerment and liberation from past and present entrapment, or compromise of your essential self, in intimate relationships.

Due to so many confusing external messages, many of us as women have experienced tremendous pain around our bodies and our sensuality. Like many women, you may feel the need for support to look within and address body image issues, sexual shame, any past sexual trauma, and feelings of disconnection from your sensuality so that you can discover the Truth of what your sexuality really is meant to be…

A powerfully magnetic force of nature and the seat of your true destiny.

Additionally, most of us entered the world of romantic relationships with no clue as to how to do them well, and have found ourselves trapped in painful patterns and dysfunction with no idea of how to get out of them.  When we’re in it, it’s so hard to see what we’re in… especially if we’ve never received needed information to know what we’re actually dealing with.

However, with the right kind of support and guidance, it is entirely possible to alchemize those old patterns into intimacy gold.


The Aphrodite’s Ecstasy teachings in this mentorship bundle are about unraveling past influences from your psyche and the places you hold them in your body, to drop you fully into your natural sensuousness as a source of immense pleasure and knowing… in Her Way, the Feminine Way. The Alchemy of Intimacy teachings in the bundle will help you look into your relationship patterns and move on from pain into true empowerment. This applies to both past and present relationships. From that place, you can begin the journey towards the beauty of real intimacy.





Ecstasy ~ Bringing your energetic tendrils back to you

Alchemy ~ Distinguishing Self from Other


Ecstasy ~ Finding the Wild Maiden

Alchemy ~ Exploring the places where Self and Other meet


Ecstasy ~ Self-pleasuring practices

Alchemy ~ Discovering what true intimacy feels like


Ecstasy ~ Getting truly naked with your sexuality

Alchemy ~ Taking apart the patterns

Dark Mother:

Ecstasy ~ Facing the shadow traits of woman’s sexuality

Alchemy ~ Facing the parts of you that allow and participate in painful relationships


Ecstasy ~ Holding the duality of pleasure and pain

Alchemy ~ Transmuting the painful past into a pleasurable present


Ecstasy ~ Holy eroticism

Alchemy ~ Finding your voice

Heavenly Mother: 

Ecstasy ~ The heart of sensuality

Alchemy ~ Feeling how much you are loved


Ecstasy ~ Walking in embodied radiance

Alchemy ~ Knowing your own worth



  • Two pre-recorded videos of additional curriculum from Deonesea tailored to each month’s topic through the journey of the school, delivered to you through your online portal each month

Deep Feminine Sexuality and Intimacy

Six Week Immersion

As we navigate a world in which sexuality has been understood almost entirely from a male perspective for eons of time, it is really important for us as women to come to an understanding of our sexuality, and the ways we share it intimately, through a feminine wisdom perspective. When we understand our bodies and our sexual energy and how they work, we empower ourselves to enjoy pleasure - sexual and otherwise - in new and more fulfilling ways. From body shame to past hurts to lack of education to the ever moving tides of female hormones, there’s a lot to come to understand about female sexuality. 


This six week immersion is designed to offer education and exploration of what it is to turn to our sexuality from a feminine understanding, both for our own personal life experience and for sharing with another. As a group, we will delve into deep questions around sex, pleasure, female bodies, and what it is to be a sensual and sexually actualized woman. Turn towards your Shakti and light yourself up with her radiance, to unfurl into the luscious, embodied feminine woman that you have come here to be.



Week 1: What is “Feminine” Sexuality? 

Understanding the differences between female sexuality and male sexuality.


Week 2: Turning Towards our Sexual Energy

Cultivating our relationship with our own individual sexual energy current, 

and clearing anything blocking its flow.


Week 3: Loving Our Bodies… Just the Way They Are

Learning how to love, accept and enjoy our own unique bodies, 

so that we can enjoy sex and intimacy more.


Week 4: Addressing Shame

By far, the greatest energy that has been wrapped around female bodies and sexuality throughout time,

is Shame. Here’s how we bring that shadow into the light.


Week 5: Releasing Past Pain

Turning towards the pain that’s been inflicted by others and ourselves (consciously or not), and dealing with the hurt that remains.

Week 6: Being a Great Lover

What it is to bring our deepest selves to sex, and thereby create true intimacy.



  • One 75 minute group session each week

  • Additional curriculum related to the class theme that aligns with the curriculum of the school

Personalized Private Mentorship

For this experience, you will co-create a nine month mentorship with Deonesea that is designed specifically for your personal needs. Whether you are in need of an overhaul of your relationship patterns, a more loving relationship with your own body and sexuality, or a greater understanding of yourself as a spiritual being, you will discuss with her where you are and where you want to go such that you will set a trajectory for your growth through these nine months. 


During each month’s session you will discuss what is happening in your life and Deonesea will guide you in how you can apply that month’s teachings to your world in a way that supports you to live more fully embodied in your feminine essence. By the end of this journey, you will look back at where you began and realize that you are not the same woman anymore. You will have become a more radiant, embodied, feminine version of you.



  • One 60 minute session with Deonesea per month

  • Journal prompts and personal rituals designed for you

Would you like to take this journey through the school with your man? You can do that through a Couples Mentorship with Deonesea. Couples who work with Deonesea experience that they grow closer to each other and build deeper intimacy through engaging in a mentorship journey together. Schedule a Discovery Session with her to learn more.


Would you like to have support around the journey through peri-menopause and menopause? For several years Deonesea has co-lead the Woman at Midlife group with Jamila. Having the support of seasoned mentors in the context of a group setting where you can share with other women, is a balm to the soul of the woman in the throes of the menopause initiation. See the details for this group here.

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About Deonesea

Deonesea is a sensuality coach and movement facilitator who is deeply trained and experienced in sensuality and embodiment practices, ecstatic dance forms, and initiatory rites. Deonesea supports both women and men to release themselves from past experiences and conditioning that inhibits their eroticism, so that they can find their own personal pathways to ecstasy.  Her work is based in the knowing that our sensuality and sexuality can be a powerful source of creativity, passion and joy when we allow ourselves to cultivate and embrace them.  In addition to holding her private coaching practice, Deonesea leads women’s empowerment workshops and sensuality retreats at home and abroad. 

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