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HER Mystery School In-House Astrologer

Please see below for more information about our new in-house astrologer, Hunter Reynolds.


Welcome HER Mystery School Students!

My name is Hunter Reynolds. It is my honor to serve you as HER Mystery School’s in-house astrologer.

Click Here to learn more about me.

As a Mystery School student, I know you’re hungry for what is actionable and illuminating in your everyday life. You are here to embody your unique style of awakening and you understand: only a shrewdly managed ego can serve as a shiny soul-mirror for others.

To this end, I offer HMS students four ways of working with me:

Astrodharma Readings
Relationship Readings
The Styles of Awakening Training
Chart-Reading Apprenticeship


Happy to schedule a short call so you can feel into me and my approach
Message me here to begin a conversation via my personal email or WhatsApp

Looking forward to meeting you in your sacred human truth,


Special HMS Discount!

I am offering a $50.00 discount on all recorded, 90 minute Phone Readings for HMS students, if purchased before August 1st, 2024. (Normally $175.00, now $125.00) Please message me to set this up.

Feedback from HMS students:


Hunter is a fluent and poetic speaker of the language of Spirit. Every reading and student call: a tapestry of silent pauses and targeted insights that ground and inspire. Through his unwavering gaze, I see what is beautiful and boundless in myself and others and strengthen my resolve to never look away from the truth.

-Nicole Miller, Head of Talent Development, Amazon Business EU


Hunter has an exceptional ability to cut through the surface stories in my mind and guide me to the underlying themes beckoning for awareness. His self-inquiry processes and soul-witnessing techniques are powerful and his approach aligns well with the language and style of Her Mystery School, making working with him feel familiar. I tend to think of him as the priest to the priestesses. For those of us who walk this path of deep feminine wisdom, it takes someone as skillful as Hunter to meet us where we need to be met in order to access greater depths. I am grateful to have his counsel.

-Araceli Salinas

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